Berita Sekolah
Practice Makes Perfect (Science in Kumbang)

Since 2000, our school has had a rigorous Science Program….

A Celebration of Amazing Women: Kartini Day

April 21st – Today, we celebrate RA Kartini

Helping Each Other Out: Kumbang Community

It’s amazing when our families reciprocate that same united + charitable spirit in order to build a better Kumbang.

Tolerance + Religion Day

Today April 14th, all of our students + staff + faculties participated in a day long Tolerance + Religion Celebration Day

Motivation Day: How to Get the Best Results From the Right Process

Our 12th graders were given a motivation seminar with the message of “How to Get the Best Results From the Right Process“

Getting Ready for Kurikulum Merdeka

We invited a few of Palembang’s principals and our teachers to attend a seminar about Kurikulum Merdeka