EducationUSA and Sports Envoy Program

EducationUSA and Sports Envoy Program (Basketball Coaching Clinic by NBA Athletes)

The last couple of days, we were honored to have the United States Consulate in Medan @konsulatasmdn and @educationusaindonesia for choosing Kusuma Bangsa School as the host of the Sports Envoy Program and also the Education USA Program.

The first day began with a presentation on college life and affairs in the United States by Jessica Chesbro, Rahma Jaurinata and Lilis Su’adah from @educationusaindonesia

The second day continued with a Basketball Coaching Clinic session guided directly by former basketball athletes from the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Women National Basketball Association (WNBA), @stephenhoward and @crystalanghorne

We were fortunate enough to be able to invite other schools around the area (@ipeka.palembang @smamaitreyawiraplg @smansumsel ) to partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity

To all who participated in this program and made it happen, our deepest of gratitudes and appreciation. We do hope that these last few days won’t be the last of many more awesome programs that will happen in our school.

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